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Aadk Portugal

At the end of 2020, was practically completed the rehabilitation of what becomes the headquarters of AADK Portugal: The Plot, a property of about half a hectare near Azeitão (5.3 km) and Setúbal (13 km), with Arrábida mountain in the background and 845 km from AADK Spain. A place that contains facilities, resources and skills to become a cultural place of the future. A crossroads between countryside and city, a paradox of sensations that are intertwined in the wisdom of the seasons, in the cyclicality of agricultural work, in the transformation of sand into nourished earth, a metaphor for the work that is intended to be developed there. A place to be experienced, not resolved. The place where the process remains and continues.

“When different systems of production complement each other – each providing goods and services needed by the other without one dominating the other – the pattern is labeled symbiotic complementary. The groups or individuals involved in this mutual economic interdependence are usually relatively equal socially and independent of each other politically. To large degree, symbiotic complementarity is relevant only to small-scale systems of production. Increasing scale and indirect interdependence tend to create more unequal relationships.
Symbiotic complementarity can take many forms. Sometimes two groups use the same land at different seasons for different yet complementary purposes. “

In “Contemporary Cultural Anthropology”, Michäel C. Howard.

Actual Arquitectura da Cultura - AADK Portugal

  • Azeitão, Setúbal - Portugal

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