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Aadk Portugal

Actual Arquitectura da Cultura – AADK Portugall is an extension of Aktuelle Architektur Der Kultur founded in Berlin in 2006 by a collective of three artists, Abraham Hurtado (Spain), Jochen Arbeit (Germany) and Vânia Rovisco (Portugal), with the intention to develop a project that establishes new relationships between creation, curation and reception of contemporary art. For six years, events and actions in different parts of Berlin and Europe were developed, activating new spaces through artistic intervention.
Back in Spain, Abraham Hurtado created AADK Spain and in 2012 began directing the Centro Negra in the village of Blanca in the Murcia region (40 km from the city), its current headquarters, surrounded by mountains and pine forests, becoming a platform which generates resources for contemporary research and creation and which, so far, has had the participation of more than 300 artists from all over the world.
It was also on her return to Portugal, in 2010, that Vânia Rovisco founded AADK Portugal, which has framed the production of her multifaceted artistic projects, as well as projects by Sónia Baptista, among others. It was activated through the Demimonde project, developed in collaboration with Máquina Agradável/ Andresa and Lígia Soares for artistic creation and experimentation, occupying a space at Galerias Boavista in Lisbon granted by the City Council for two years, which involved several independent artists and projects.

The anti-systemic vision of AADK Portugal, in constant adjustment and formation, favors an intuitive and critical approach to the fields it decides to visit, occupy, use, dissect, transform or fracture, through a self-generated network of relationships that accommodates different people.
Art making is unique to each artist, but presentation settings and fruition strategies can develop discursive and social interest and therefore members and artists are invited to join together in creating live events. This has always been and continues to be one of the focuses of AADK Portugal. Sometimes through delimited territories of contemporary dance and theatre, but also of writing and cinema, visual arts, music and sound arts, provoking a dialogue with social, earth and agrarian sciences and other areas of knowledge, AADK Portugal is rooted in interdisciplinarity and encouraging and stimulating creative exchange.

Actual Arquitectura da Cultura - AADK Portugal

  • Azeitão, Setúbal - Portugal

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