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Aadk Portugal

Actual Arquitectura da Cultura – AADK Portugal
Azeitão, Setúbal – Portugal

Principles / Recommendations / Informations

The Plot is a space, an experience in permanent construction and transformation. It is not an event, not a festival and neither a cultural center, but a proposal of connection to the earth, to the place, to one another.
The broader perspective to share processes, in fruition with the nature present and its characteristics. Over time… resourcing our learning skills concerning: socially-politically / artiscally-culturally / sustainability economically / community building with practices of integrated systems of cooperation in relation to natural cycles. Thus envisioning, accessing or activating as many more paths, for humans are active agents in constructing their environments.

The Plot not only shares resources but also practices to find how we can create shared actions of distributing responsibilities as a community and with our environment, whether in the short or long term.

The only trash that The Plot thanks you for leaving is organic matter to make compost, containers available to collect. All other trash is to be taken home and dealt with within your own premises.

Do not throw cigarette butts or leave them on the ground to be disposed of later. Deposit them in the vases with lights filled with sand placed on the land that serve this purpose.
Use stickers provided by The Plot to cover the images imprinted on the cartons or tobacco packages, avoiding visual pollution unnecessary to everyone.

Own food/drink is totally allowed however it is asked to be self-suficiente bringing with you plates, cups, cutlery (picnic style). Communal washing facilities are provided. 

You can park the car within walking distance, please no parking in front of the gate or fences and we ask to not block our neighbours.
If in need of assistance, please communicate beforehand your needs.

to be considered, respected.


Summer / Winter
– Sun screen
– Hat / gloves
– Countryside boots/resistant sandals / Rain boots/water resistant boots
– Picnic blanket
– Water bottle
– Cup, own cutlery, plate
– Good jacket even in summer, Arrábida has moods

Thank you for taking the time to meet us.
AADK Portugal – the plot

Actual Arquitectura da Cultura - AADK Portugal

  • Azeitão, Setúbal - Portugal

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